Owen Fitzpatrick

Licensed NLP Master Trainer Owen Fitzpatrick
Licensed NLP Master Trainer Owen Fitzpatrick

The first time I met Owen Fitzpatrick was during my own NLP Practitioner in 2001. He immediately made a big impression on me. Then when we organized the first European Conference of the Society of NLP® in Amsterdam, we were very happy to have Owen Fitzpatrick as one of the presenters. Owen gave a fantastic presentation and the people of Europe loved him.

Owen Fitzpatrick, creator of the ONLINE CHARISMA TRAINING ACADEMY is one of the most sought after speakers and trainers in the area of charisma, influence and leadership in the world today. He has been hired by Billionaires and Olympic Athletes.

Owen has also worked with a number of multi-national companies including Barclays, Pfizer, Abbott, The Central Bank, Ogilvy, Sage, VHI, Roche, RTE and ECDL and alongside some inspirational figures such as Sir Richard Branson. Owen is known for his true command of language and his precise ability to persuade and influence. His speeches are unique, informative and motivating and he is regularly hired as keynote speaker for talks on topics such as Leadership, Influence and High Performance.

Owen is author of 5 bestselling books including ‘The Charismatic Edge’ and ‘Not Enough Hours’ and ‘How to take charge of your life’, translated into more than a dozen languages. Having had his own national television show, Owen has traveled to almost 80 countries and has spoken to audiences in more than 23 countries. He brings a wealth of knowledge together with an excellent cultural awareness wherever he travels to in the world.

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