Fear Of Public Speaking

Fear of Public Speaking
Fear of Public Speaking
Fear of public speaking is the biggest fear on the face of the planet. It is an even bigger fear than a fear of death. Nevertheless, it is also one of the easiest fear to overcome when you use NLP. Basically what happens in people with a fear of public speaking is that they first imagine what kind of horrors await them once they stand in front of an audience. This can range from imaging blackouts and people staring at them to personal fumbles and things going wrong in general. Whatever it is, these catastrophic visions of the future are followed by feeling bad about the whole endeavor. This often happens days before the event if not weeks or sometimes even months. It is of course a bad way to prepare yourself for public speaking because when the moment of public speaking arrives, people are in the wrong state of mind. Rather than being relaxed and oozing self-confidence, they are insecure and worrying too much. Instead of trusting their unconscious mind to provide the means to an excellent presentation they have negative inner self talk which hindering them.

How to stop a fear of public speaking

Fortunately, there are excellent NLP techniques to deal with these issues. NLP focuses of making sure that you imagine the right stuff, feel good and stop any negative self talk. This way you get yourself in order to make sure that you get what you want. When you learn these NLP techniques, you are able to do the following:

  1. You feel good before, during and after any public lecture, training or presentation;
  2. You deal with your memories so you can use your past as a source of power by neutralizing bad past experiences with public speaking;
  3. You improve your expectations of speaking in public in the future so you are relaxed in the days ahead of the public engagement;
  4. You properly handle your internal dialogue so you never worry but control your thinking.

These are the basic NLP techniques that have helped thousands of people to overcome their fear of public speaking. With these NLP techniques you can easily experience yourself how well NLP works in overcoming a fear of public speaking. To learn these wonderful NLP techniques, please download the free guide How To Overcome a Fear of Public Speaking by filling in your details in the form below. Getting this free guide is 100% safe as we dislike spam as much as you do: