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NLP Public Speaking

Neuro-Linguïstic Programming (NLP) and public speaking often go hand in hand. There is a very simple reason for that. Not only does NLP work wonders when it comes to overcoming a fear of public speaking, but NLP is also the preferred tool for speakers, trainers and teachers to make powerful presentations. At NLP Public Speaking we bring you the best of NLP and public speaking.

My own adventure into NLP started with NLP public speaking. After I had been promoted to manager in the nineties my company sent me to lots of courses. They all bored me to death with one big exception: a course on metaphor. After the course I approached the trainer and asked him why his course was so much more thrilling than all the others. “The reason” he said “is that I use NLP.” From that day onward I became very interested in NLP public speaking.

What NLP Public Speaking can do for you

The most important resources of NLP public speaking are (a) the free guide to overcome a fear of public speaking by Joost van der Leij and (b) the free guide on NLP public speaking by Owen Fitzpatrick, Kate Benson & Joost van der Leij. These free guides enable you to get more out of public speaking. Once you have discovered how valuable NLP is in the case of public speaking you are wholeheartedly invited to participate in Owen Fitzpatrick’s Speaking Mastery seminar November 11th, 12th & 13th 2016 in Amsterdam. Of course NLP public speaking would not be complete without more information about Owen Fitzpatrick.

So when you want to use NLP in public speaking, please download our free guides first and experience yourself how NLP helps you in becoming a better public speaker, trainer of teacher. To fully unlock the power of NLP live training is a necessity as it is especially important with public speaking to use all the NLP skills and tricks unconsciously so that you can focus on what is important: your presentation and how your audience learns from it.